So, UK’s prime minister, Theresa May was in Naija the other day.

Of course, we all know why she came calling. Britain is leaving the European Union and they are busy hunting for new friends.

So, a group of Nigerian business owners under the aegis of the Nigerian London Business Forum, NILPBF asked May to review her country’s immigration policy to make it easy for their partners to obtain visas for travel on business grounds.

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In a statement signed by the Director, NILOBF, Prof. Chris Onalo, the forum said it was happy about the visit of the Prime Minister to Nigeria.

The forum said the visit would strengthen economic and bilateral relations between Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

It stated: “In particular, there is an urgent need for a critical review of immigration policies of the two countries. The review specifically is required on the business front.

“The businesspeople of the two countries should find it easy to obtain visas for travel on the business ground.

“Considering the traditional ties of the two countries, time is now for specific visa policy which will make it easy for the businesspeople of the two countries to visit each other with a view to transacting business and promoting investments.

“Structures that need to be considered in reviewing the immigration policy for businesspeople of the two countries should recognise membership of local trade associations and chambers of commerce.”

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