For a while now, dirty naira notes especially the low denominations especially 100 naira, have become quite scarce.

In one instance last year, it led to the death of a commercial motorcyclist at Ojo area of Lagos, when he fought his passenger over dirty 100-naira note.

But lawmakers at the House of Representatives are stepping in to save the situation.

The lawmakers at the House of Representatives have therefore ordered the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN to immediately begin the withdrawal of all mutilated naira notes from banks across the country.

The House urged the apex bank to replace the mutilated notes — particularly the 100-naira note — with new ones.

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It also mandated its Committee on Banking and Currency to investigate black-marketing of mint naira notes on the streets.

The resolutions were sequel to a motion on the need to investigate the sale of the mint naira notes and sources of black-marketing of the naira.

The matter was introduced during plenary on Wednesday by Adekoya Abdel-Majid from Ogun State.

The lawmaker said the naira now appears in “inglorious” forms and “with odours that can be dangerous to human health.”

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He said the naira notes in circulation, especially 100-naira, are “badly torn, terribly squeezed, soiled, cello-taped, dirty and mutilated.

“Considering that bacteria naturally breed and live in dirty environments and objects, dirty naira notes could pose serious health risks as they have been found to contain pathogenic parasites and bacteria,” the lawmaker said.

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