Tuesday was resumption of plenary at the Nigerian Parliament and the lawmakers may have had their hands full.

A lot has happened since they went on break - the economy came out of recession while the executive declared IPOB a terrorist organization.

Plenary had resumed at the Senate with several issues put forward in different motions.

One person that added his voice to one vital issue of Nigeria's economy as it relates to the 'weak 0.55% exit' from recession and funding of the budget – was Senator Dino Melaye.

Before the Senator, who is from Kogi State, allegedly fled the National Assembly, he raised concerns over the activities of the economic team.

“It is to awaken our consciousness to the fact that we need to work on our economy,” he said, as he began with his analytic statement.

“I will say that what the Central Bank and indeed the economic managers of this country are doing right now is that they are using ways and means to manipulate and manage the economy of the country.

“If we are to speak truth to ourselves, this will in no way help us to revive the economy and build confidence in the system.

“We have been told that our Foreign Reserve has grown from $25 billion to $34 billion and that it has gone out of recession.

“But the big question is this. If we are out of recession and our reserve has graduated to $34 billion, why are we incapacitated in funding our 2017 budget.

“We must speak the truth for ourselves so that we can be set free.

“If we speak the truth, we die, if we lie, we die,” he stated.

The Senator, who also compared the economic managers' approach to technological grading, said "what we have now is 2G approach and we need a 4G approach".


Senator Melaye suggested that the economic managers should go back to the drawing board and use what he called 'genuine economic indices and yardsticks' to explain and fight recession.

“Massive production of goods and services is what we need now and without this, we cannot ideally get out of recession.

“What we have now is that the economy is blinking. We must engage in massive spending. Without spending we cannot get out of recession genuinely,” he added.

While plenary was still on, some officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission came to the National Assembly to issue Senator Melaye a document which was part of the process of his recall instituted by some members of his constituency in Kogi.

It was reported that Senator Melaye, known for his adage - “If you speak the truth, you die, if you lie, you die,” – allegedly fled the complex in a bid to avoid being served.

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He had earlier announced that the 90-day period given for the process of his recall had elapsed.

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