Some Nigerian politicians cannot see 2018...

It is not campaign period but perhaps Governor Abubakar Bello of Niger state is already re-marketing himself.

He has been speaking about all his administration has done in the last two years.

He told newsmen on Tuesday in New-York that his administration inherited huge developmental challenges on assumption of office.

Particularly, from previous administrations over the last 16 years, they inherited so many uncompleted projects.

“In the education sector, we met a completely dysfunctional system, bad infrastructure and what we are doing is to fix all our secondary schools back to the way we used to know them.

“So, we are fixing the whole school system to ensure that we have proper infrastructure in our schools. Having done that, we also appreciate that we needed teachers.

“We have scarcity of teachers both in primary and secondary schools. So, we’re currently establishing three Teachers Training Centres – one in each zone – and a Teachers Training Institute at the Headquarters (Minna).”

According to him, the state was also carrying out a total overhaul of health facilities.

“While we renovate the secondary facilities, we are emphasizing more on the primary healthcare because once you have a very functional primary healthcare, then you reduce pressure on the secondary healthcare.”

Bello also regretted that water had been a major challenge in Minna, the state capital but that his administration is carrying out a complete renovation of the water works.

“We’ve replaced a few pumps and we’ve ordered some other pumps. By the end of the day, we hope to do complete turnaround maintenance of the water system in Minna,” he said, adding that there are already improvements.If these supposed achievements are enough for him to continue to enjoy the support of Niger people is another matter entirely.

Did he simply skip 2018 for 2019?