It's over 15 years since your parents were rendered jobless following the liquidation of Nigeria Airways.

Things may have been difficult, and you have been wondering if they will ever get paid their pension and other benefits.

Worry no more. Following the announcement of the immediate release of funds by President Buhari in September, the ministry of finance has announced date and venue for a verification exercise that will precede payment.

Three venues have been selected for the payment exercise.

Those in the north can go to Kano (ABC, former Nigeria Airways office, Bank Road), eastern residents can go to Enugu (Villa Toscana Hotel, No 1 Aguleri street, Independent Layout, Enugu), while those in the South West can go to Lagos (Sky-Power Catering, Ikeja).

The date for the exercise is between October 15 and 22, 2018 for Kano and Lagos, while that of Enugu will run between October 15 and 18.

The federal government had in September, released N22.68 billion to settle part of the retirement benefits of former workers of Nigeria Airways.

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Zainab Ahmed, minister of finance, also said the government had approved the release of N20 billion to revitalise public universities in line with demands of the Academic Staff of Universities (ASUU).

She said the money for the universities will be released through normal channels while that of the ex-airways workers would be paid after verification.

The minister, who announced the setting up of a nine-member committee to verify the claims of the ex-workers, said the money approved was 50 percent of their N45 billion benefits.

“As you are aware, the ex-workers of Nigeria Airways Limited in liquidation were not paid their retirement benefits for the past 15 years despite the liquidation.

“As a result of the delays in settlement of these benefits, many ex-workers have been thrown out of their houses, their children have been unable to attend school, and others have lost their businesses, fallen ill or indeed, passed on.

“This unfortunate situation cannot be allowed to continue under a responsible administration.

“It is on this basis that Mr President has approved the immediate release of N22.68 billion being 50 per cent of N45.3 billion total entitlements of the ex-workers of the Nigeria Airways Limited in liquidation.”

Ahmed said that the committee is headed by Mohammed Dikwa, director of presidential initiative on continuous audit.

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