An Igbo adage says nobody eats trouble with palm oil.

That's why Uber has decided everything that bit it at night was caused by the noisy mosquito.

Global ride hailing giant e-service has decided to apologise over its mistakes while operating in London.

You may recall that Uber’s licence was revoked by Transport For London on Friday, citing security concerns.

On Tuesday, the chief executive of Uber apologised for its "mistakes" but still vowed to appeal the decision.

"While Uber had revolutionised the way people move in cities around the world, it's equally true that we've got things wrong along the way," Uber’s new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wrote in an open letter.

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"On behalf of everyone at Uber globally, I'd like to apologise for the mistakes we've made."

But he also insisted: "We will appeal this decision on behalf of millions of Londoners, but we do so with the knowledge that we must also change."

Uber, which has about 40,000 drivers and some 3.5 million customers in the British capital, has 21 days to lodge its appeal and can continue to operate until that process is concluded.

Khosrowshahi added in the letter: "We won't be perfect, but we will listen to you; we will look to be long-term partners with the cities we serve; and we will run our business with humility, integrity and passion."

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