The All Progressives Congress (APC) has reacted to the newly formed coalition.

The Coalition For Nigeria Movement was launched in Abuja on Wednesday with some top former government heads in attendance.

The party said the prospect of a coalition ahead of the 2019 general elections does not threaten its chances at the polls.

The National Publicity Secretary of the party, Bolaji Abdullahi, who spoke in Abuja shortly after the launch of the movement, said the party is not bothered.

“The prospect of a coalition does not threaten the APC at all. The only threat we can begin to worry about lies with the Nigerian people.

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“If it is about competition for power, how many political parties do we have? That is enough reason for us to worry about competition.

“If another coalition is set up for the purpose of winning power good luck to them, that is the essence of constitutional democracy, a multi-party system thrives in that kind of situation.

“So, we don’t feel any threat, we don’t feel concerned; they are welcome to the field.”

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