Many see them as fierce rivals and perhaps enemies, but it is no longer the case following the show of love from former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson to Arsene Wenger on Sunday.

Wenger said he was taken by surprise by a pre-match presentation of a special gift from Ferguson.

The outgoing Arsenal coach said he had not expected such a positive response from the United fans ahead of the match.

However, some home supporters later mocked him by singing "Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay" during the game.

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"Very nice, it's classy and I enjoyed it," Wenger said to Sky Sports of the pre-match presentation.

"I have come here for a long, long time and next time someone else will come here and get a hostile reception.

"It's a bit surprising because it was not always what you would imagine, but it shows life goes on and sometimes it gets better."

Despite seeing Arsenal lose a sixth consecutive away game in the Premier League - the club's worst top-flight run on the road since 1966 - Wenger felt his young team played well.