The hustle is real. You barely have time for lunch and the thought of your drivers’ license expiring soon drives you crazy.

If you live in Lagos, it is probably worse for you but renewing your license is not as difficult as you think.

The greater news is that you can do the entire process by yourself without the help of a tout or agent.

We were told the process may differ across states but this is what we tried out in Lagos and the entire process took just about three hours… well that is if they do not have network failure.

Follow these steps and you have your renewal sorted.

1.       Online Registration

Log on to and click on the drivers’ license renewal link. Access the form by entering your expiring drivers’ license number and proceed to fill the form with your current details.

Once this is done, print out the completed form.

You will get the option to pay online or go to the designated bank but whichever option you choose, don’t forget to print out the payment form as well.

2.       Payment

Proceed to the bank to pay. Chances are that the bank you need is close by the FRSC office. So, this is where you will realise that not paying online is not so a bad thing.

Note the 14-digit number on the top right corner of the form, that is your application ID. Write it on your bank deposit slip.

3.       Account and Confirmation

Make photocopies of the bank deposit slip, the expired license and the online license form. Add two passport photos and take them back to the licensing office.

They will verify the payment you just made. Once done, you will be directed to the next stage.

4.       Testing

This is carried out by the Vehicle Inspection Office - the dreaded VIO and its not free.

You pay 1,100 naira and you will be handed the Lagos drivers handbook.

They will conduct a vision test for you and also conduct a written test to assess your understanding of selected road signs.

If you pass the test, they will certify you eligible with all results attached to your documents and send you to the next stage.

If you fail the test, do not fret, there is a second chance. They will reschedule you for a retake.

But if you fail again, I cannot help you. Seriously, you have no business driving on Nigerian roads.

5.       Capturing

This is more like the final stage where your biometric details are taken - photo, fingerprints and all required.

You are then issued a temporary drivers’ license with which you can drive for two months until your plastic card is produced.

You will return at the specified date – two months, to collect your drivers’ license.

Note: You can as well go to the FRSC office nearest to you for the online process. There will always be some business centres where they will get the form filling done for you.

If you filled the form yourself, you could have paid online but I advise you to take your printed forms to the FRSC office to verify all your online input before payment.