It is not your right to receive a salary - there are terms and conditions that must be fulfilled before you get the bank alert at the end of the month.

It is not enough to have served at a particular organization for over 10 years. Ask yourself, what have I done to earn that promotion I so desire?

The world is turning more to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to cut out human error, conscious distractions and the constant excuses of staying away from work due to "situations beyond your control".

It's 2019! Time is changing yesterday, today and tomorrow. There are limited profitable jobs and even when there are opportunities, it's almost impossible to find people with the right skill set and attitude.

Here are 5 ways to become more relevant at your duty post.

1. Stay Away From Your Phone

It is a mobile device you bought to stay in touch with people while receiving information. No matter how much you paid for it, do you ever wonder what it has taken from you or caused you to lose?

Do this with me quickly if you have the courage to do so. Drop your phone for 15 minutes and notice that the world did not end. You did not die and everyone else is okay.

Stop allowing your phone to control your life. Take charge of your work hours and make it more productive. 

2. Read More, Watch TV Less

Do you remember that meeting with your boss and colleagues where you had an opportunity to become a star.

You looked lost when they mentioned that word, that concept, that report which showed most recent trends in your industry.

That's because you failed to keep your self informed.

It's best to invest in journals, magazines and subscribe for weekly reports from organization like the Business Insider Intelligence or download the Bounce News App, personalise it and enjoy news, video and articles that will broaden your horizon giving a front row sit to see the world.

Believe it or not, the time you send on social media reading recycled knowledge will not give you the edge you so desire. Speak about things no one else knows; make reference to reports, become an authority in your field.

3. Find A New Best Friend

You do not need gossip, endless sweet gist, beer and bush meat as much as you think.

You need to have a work ally, someone smarter than you that knows a lot more about your chosen career, someone that has the right connect and knows about the rare opportunities that spring up.

Expanding your network doesn't mean you have to date your new allies. It only means you have to know how best to use your new relationships and stop deceiving yourself that you know when you really know nothing. 

Set boundaries but be willing to make the occasional professional sacrifice for your organization. Be willing to do a little more work as long as it helps the company reach its set targets.

4. Create Time To Think

Stop being so disorganized, let that go with 2018. Be strategic in all your professional decisions. Think things through, no more hasty and senseless decisions.

Remove yourself from the regular box, have plans A, B, C and D. Always be prepare for all eventualities; that's what successful leaders do. 

At least, of the 24 hours in a day, get a pen and paper and write out the ideas that come to mind. Better still scribble it on a note created on your smart phone. These ideas would come in handy when you least expect.

Thinking strategically would reflect in your workflow and would also show to your boss that you need less supervision. Ypu may just be ready to supervise others.

5.  Speak Up, Push Yourself

You have a voice and it is best you use it wisely. Stop keeping those bright ideas you have silent in your head. Learn to use Microsoft PowerPoint.

Document your ideas, make presentations to your colleagues and management team. Speak up when questions are asked and you have logical responses. 

Let your colleagues and bosses know that you are resourceful and willing to take some heat for the good of the team. 

Before you leave your desk at 5pm each day, ask yourself - did I achieve all that I ought to have done today? Stop silencing that voice in your head that says you have not done enough.

Respond to your own self criticism by doing more, setting higher targets than what is expected and never stop pushing yourself.