A lot has been written about money in marriage.

But it can never be enough. Money is an essential ingredient for a happy and successful marriage.

Despite your social class, money is a constant factor. You need money to host guests on the day of the wedding; you need it to rent a house to call a home; you need to take care of your new wife; and you need it to raise your children.

It is difficult to imagine a marriage without money in this age and time. No wonder money problems has been blamed for some failed marriages.

That is why you need to make informed money decisions long before you say "I do".

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Here are 3 top money decisions you can make before settling down.

1. Disclose Your Assets and Debts: These days, people are getting married much later in their lives.

So, it is likely that you and your partner have both worked for few years and have some savings, investments and even debts.

Don't procrastinate, today is the best time to disclose your income, assets and debts to each other.

You should know what you are bringing into the relationship and what you are getting into.

“The debt part is very important as you don’t want to get into a relationship with a partner with a heavy debt burden around his/her neck. It would eventually kill the marriage.

“So, it is important that everyone gets into the marriage with both eyes wide open,” said Andrew Solomon, who has been married for 10 years.

2. You Need Multiple Income Streams: Your salary may be more than enough as a single man but it’s a different ball game once madam moves in.

A girl friend gets stipends and favours from you; a wife is different - she has rights and she knows it.

“Many homes have had challenges financially to the extent that the man will say the woman brought him bad luck just because the man did not increase his means of income.

“Being a single, the man could live with his earnings, but adding a woman increases expenses not times two but times three,” said William Osewezina, who has been married for 5 years.

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He added: “So the man must double his means of income to times three or at least times two to be able to meet the new demand, which he never sees except he looks into the future. When income is doubled, the man will have enough muscle to shoulder the demands of marriage.”

3. Create Time For Little Show And Tell: It is not surprising if you find it awkward to expose your financial status to your future partner.

But it is a necessary evil. As a man, making your wife understand the status of your finances will save you from misguided expectations.

Try again

Your wife-to-be may have been seeing you as a money bag. This is the time to let her know the true state of your finances, who you truly are.

“Keeping an open income has helped me stay away from making unnecessary expenses without my wife knowing. This has ensured that I will not have some extravagant lifestyle that could kill home's finance. This has helped us invest from what we earn for both our future and that of our children,” said Mr. Osewezina.

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