'The Wedding Party 2' has been announced as the highest grossing Nollywood movie of all time with 467 million Naira.

Popular Port Harcourt based film maker, Esokpunwu 'Kross' Osakpolor, has complained that this new development will make things hard for film makers like himself.

"I do not think its just about the amount. It was over-hyped, I doubt that the budget was subtracted from the total money earned. Mo Abudu is a billionaire, so over-hyping is allowed for her, but it is not good for us", he said.

He pointed out that the amount announced, will make the cost for hiring actors spike by the second quarter of 2018.

"I am not bothered. I know somehow we would survive, but the money they announced is actually distracting.

"You can imagine now actors who have featured in cinema films, will now be charging  a minimum of between 1.2 million Naira and 2 million Naira," he told Bounce News.

Another Nollywood filmmaker, Uduak Isong, in an Instagram post said that the box office figures raise unrealistic expectations from the industry.

Her posts - now deleted - pointed out that the figures often shared by filmmakers are misleading, as they fail to state the budget and how much profit was made.

She also said that the figures raise unrealistic expectations from investors. In addition, she requested that the producers should show some humility.

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