The current administration has less than a year to the end of the four-year term and the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, is promising Nigerians that the administration will establish six innovation hubs in the country.

The Vice President was in Yola on Tuesday and he visited the North East Humanitarian Innovation Hub in the state.

Addressing the gathering, Professor Osinbajo said the six innovative centres would be spread among the six geopolitical zones.

The hubs would be used to foster creative local solutions that could tackle humanitarian issues within their locations.

"The centres will provide opportunities for youths to think and innovate technologies that can address the problems affecting immediate communities.

"The administration will build the six innovation hubs and connect them with six universities beginning with University of Lagos," Osinabjo stated.

According to him, the launching of a climate change hub in the University of Lagos will come in couples of weeks.

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He further told the gathering that the government would introduce a Creativity and Technology Advisory Council that would harness technologies and turn technical ideas developed by individuals into industrial products.

"Technology and innovation were critical for national development for a prosperous country," he stressed. 

On the process of rebuilding the North East, the Vice President told the gathering that it was one of the major priorities of the present administration.