Chairman of Ondo State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (OSOPADEC), Gbenga Edema, is in the eye of the storm from his kinsmen.

Youths in the oil producing area are reacting to the recent football match between OSOPADEC football team and National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) team which was organized by the chairman in Akure stadium.

Speaking to journalists after the football match, Edema said the motive behind the match was to encourage and enhance physical fitness and overall health and wellness among staff of the commission.

His argument however did not hold any water in the face of the harsh economic reality in the region and even among the generality of staff in the commission.

Niran Ikuomola, a student from the region said the commission has not paid their bursary allowance in the last two years.

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"At least, the executive members of Ilaje students Association have visited him twice in his office to press for our bursary which has not been paid for the past two years, all he keeps telling us is that once there is money it will be paid.

"Nothing has happened till date. Imagine how much he must have spent on this football match. This is a sheer misplacement of priority, I must tell you" he said.

Another youth from the area also believed that the chairman has lost focus of his office.

"In what capacity has this football match developed the players or the people of his region?

"Few weeks ago, we protested 10 years of darkness in our area, he promised us something will be done but as I'm talking to you right now, that statement still remains a mere promise. We are still in darkness as usual.

A staff of the commission who confided in our reporter said the football match was a mere strategy to pull out funds from OSOPADEC account.

"It has no impact not even on the players. If he wants to enhance fitness, he can build a fitness centre even here in our office and it will be beneficial to everybody.

"It can as well serve as a source of revenue to the commission. As at today, we still have salary arears that are not paid. The staffs are not happy. We are just trying to put up smiling faces" she concluded.

The friendly match ended 1-1 draw between OSOPADEC and NOSDRA.

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