It feels so sad for some Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) that skills they have acquired have not found expression because of some challenges they have which they now want the government to address.

Some IDPSs in Area 1 Durumi Camp want to become useful to themselves and Nigeria.

They are appealing to the Federal Government to empower them with starter-packs and funds after acquiring skills in various trades.  

The group said that they have received some training from different organisations but have not been equipped financially so as to kick-start a venture that would help them out. 

Mr Idris Halilu is the Coordinator of Area 1, Durumi camp and emphasised that the skills acquired were expected to make the IDPs assets rather than liabilities in their communities. 

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Halilu also called on the six Area Council Chairmen in the FCT to also take up a corporate social responsibility and cater for the IDPs in their own little way.

He made the appeal in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Monday in Abuja. 

"We emphasise on skills acquisition backed by a financial support to kick-start a venture but people are not supportive to encourage the IDPs to continue with the training. 

"Financial backing at this critical time is very important. When a human being is engaged he will not have satanic illusions. 

"When we acquire skills, we should become an asset rather than a liability in his community. 

"The six Area Councils in the FCT owe it a duty to assist the IDPs as part of their corporate social responsibilities," he said. 

The spokesman for the IDP Camp, Durumi,  Mr Umar Gola, alleged that some people had formed themselves into cabals and turned the camp into business affairs with intent to defraud the IDPs.

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Gola expressed concern that those fake individuals or organisations used IDPs for money making ventures.

He claimed that they collect relief materials from people but will neither deliver the right amount nor deliver the materials collected at all.