It was not about money.

For the musical group, Danfo Drivers, all they wanted was recognition and collaboration with Tekno.

Mountain Black, one half of the group said their reconciliation with Tekno after they called him out for sampling their song “Kpolongo” on his new song “Jogodo”, was not about money.

According to him, they didn’t collect money from Tekno to settle their rift with him.

In a recent interview, Mountain Black said they had forgiven Tekno after he visited them in Abuja on Wednesday, but denied that they received any financial compensation.

His words:

“Last week Wednesday, he called that he was coming to see us in Abuja. So, he came down to Abuja and apologized for what he did. I told him we were not interested in his money but we wanted him to work together with us as a team.”

So perhaps we should be expecting a ''Jogodo'' remix featuring Danfo Drivers soon, and maybe more. Who knows?