He has led his side to a 3-0 victory over Al-Merrikh in the first leg second round CAF Champions League game, a rare score line judging from their performance in the Nigeria Professional Football League.

It was not a bad result, but could be better. Well, that is left for the return leg in Sudan, where the Port Harcourt club will try to score at least one goal, and avoid conceding more than three. Sounds easy right?

Technical manager of United, Stanley Eguma fielded questions from the media after the game on Sunday and said too much energy was put into the first half.

“We exerted a lot of energy in the first half trying to get those goals and we were able to get two.

“In the second half, my players did not pick up on time and in football, both sides usually have their moments when they play well.

“Al-Merrikh played well but we then made some substitutions which (evened things out again) and we got the third goal.

“I don’t think it was a bad game for us,” he said.

The return leg will be played in a week’s time in Sudan.