Nigerian artistes are the usual suspects of posting Instagram dance challenges and giveaways after they release a project, then they move on to other things almost immediately.

Getting the required commercial success for an album means that musicians have to engage with their fan base on a personal level; every move has to be intentional.

Even with over 44 million followers on Instagram, Drake proves this point - he connects with his fans in personal ways and that’s why they remain his fans in good times and in bad times.

In January, Drake released ‘God’s Plan’, the first single off his ground breaking album, 'Scorpion'.

In the video he gave away one million dollars in cash during the video shoot.

The video starts with a series of lines “The budget for this video was $996,631.90, We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label…”.

According to Drake at that time, it was the most important thing he had done in his life.

By doing this, he bought into the sentiments of fans and followers all over the world with his gesture of kindness, making his music connect even more than normal.

So even when he had a beef with Pusha T, it took a loyal fan base and his public relations machine to help him maintain his status as a loveable superstar.

Then there was the viral #InMyFeelingsChallenge which was not started by Drake, but by an Instagram comedian named Shiggy.

Viral videos were created as a lot of people jumped on the trend, and  Drake ‘waited’ a while before meeting the comedian, thanking him for helping the album, 'Scorpion' get up to number one in various streaming sites, and also rewarding him with $250,000.

A few days before that, Drake spent $10, 000 giving out free Ice Cream in a Los Angeles neighborhood, the gesture reportedly had over a thousand fans and their children gaining from the goodwill treat.

The free ice-cream meant he maintained visibility around his fans  during the first few weeks of releasing his album.

Sources close to the giveaway say Drake did it to promote his new album as lyrics from the album tracks are seen plastered on the sides of the Ice Cream Carts.

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These kind of personal commitments with fans have made his fifth studio album ‘Scorpion’, smash records in different ways.

First, he became the first artiste to reach 10 billion streams on Apple Music, and has maintained top spot at the Billboard 200 charts for weeks, also the 'Scorpion' tracks racked up 132,384,203 total streams within its first 24 hours, breaking the Spotify record for most global streams for an album in one day.

Nigerian artistes can tap into these kinds of ideas to grow a loyal fan base from the 200 million people who live in the country.

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