Uber lost its licence to operate in the British capital, London last week.

The authorities, Transport for London, said on Friday that it had to revoke Uber’s licence after it found evidence of security lapses.

The agency also cited the Uber’s approach to reporting serious criminal offences and background checks on drivers as insufficient.

But Uber has denied it understands the reasons for the revocation of its licence.

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Meanwhile, Uber’s licence to operate in London will expire this week.

On Monday, the ride hailing technology giant said it is not clear what concerns London’s transport regulator had for stripping it of its license.

“Sitting down with Transport for London (TfL) representatives as soon as possible would be the most helpful thing to really understand their concerns to work out what they are,” Uber’s UK Head of Cities Fred Jones told Media.

“It’s just not clear for us what their concerns might be,” Jones added.

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