Are some Nigerians bigger than the constitution or above the law?

Well, the federal government seems to be giving that impression after it said the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum has done nothing wrong.

The United Nations had called for the arrest and prosecution of the coalition of northern groups which had on June 6 issued a “quit notice” to Igbos living in the northern part of Nigeria.

But the federal government defended the coalition, saying the group had already stated that they were misquoted by the media. 

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According to the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, “the group that called themselves coalition of Arewa Associations that held a press conference in Kaduna where they gave October 1 ultimatum to the Igbos to quit the north, claimed it was a response to what they termed 'issuance of separatist agenda of the IPOB'.

"They also claimed that there were lots of incitement from the Igbos against the northerners to which the Kaduna State governor responded that they should be arrested for what they reported. 

“Of course they later claimed that the media quoted them out of context.

"I am very much aware that the DSS invited all of them, held a meeting with them to which they made a statement to the effect that what was reported in the media was not what they said. 

“They further wrote to the acting President indicating that they did not make inciting statement as to the issue of violence or forceful ejection of the Igbos in the north.

"However, it was on the basis of that, the northern elders called them to also reaffirm from them that what was reported is not exactly what they meant”.