Gombe State Commissioner of health Dr. Ishaya Kennedy has explained why certain aspects of the health sector of the state has not effective.

According to the Commissioner, Gombe State doesn’t have the budget to run the sector effectively but just wishful thinking.

The health commissioner stated this while receiving the sub-committee of Gombe State Accountability Mechanism (GoSAM) who paid an advocacy visit to the management of the Gombe State Ministry of Health.

The committee was there to solicit the accessing and timely release of funds in 2018 budget for the state health sector.

The commissioner said the state government is trying on the issue of health budget and that they have been designing and introducing programs which are aimed at ensuring service delivery in its health facilities across the state.

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He said, "We are really trying but I’m sorry to say that we don't have budget but a wishful thinking not just in Gombe but the country at large."

"Because we don't have reserved money to fund the budget, what we do is think, assume what we will do”, he said.

He also attributed the low performance in the health sector of the State to the security challenges in the North east region saying. "We don't know how people are accessing health care services in Gombe."

He further charged the group to sensitize people across the state to utilize and make use of health facilities provided by government. 

Reverend George Agun, who lead the advocacy subcommittee on behalf of GoSAM said, the inadequacy of budgetary provisions and irregular release of budgeted funds for the health sector has lead to poor performance of the state health sector.

He said GoSAM the ministry should raise a memo for accessing those funds budgeted for in the 2018 health budget of the state. 

He also called on them to subsequently ensure regular release of the funds for adequate intervention to save lives of women, newborn and children who are at risk in the state.

"You would agree with us that investing in health especially mothers and babies are the surest approach to attaining a more prosperous society,” he said.

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