The All Progressives Congress has said it is not desperate to secure a second term for President Muhammadu Buhari.

The party said it is more focused on delivering its promises to Nigerians.

In a series of tweets, the party via its official Twitter page @APCNigeria urged Nigerians to keep believing and supporting President Buhari.

“Please don’t lose hope yet. Great food takes time and special ingredients to cook. One thing is sure, is now better positioned to succeed.

“We understand times are very hard, dear Nnamdi. Govt doing everything humanly possible to make things better. We’re out of recession already.

“There are lots of signs. Our appeal is that you make time to learn about various govt policies and ongoing projects. Thanks for your support

“This government and party are not desperate for a 2nd term. Our focus is to get your support to continue delivering on our promises.

“Recession don’t just occur… It takes time to happen. In same vein, its exit is felt gradually. We encourage you to continue working hard.

“Slander cannot destroy an honest man… when the flood recedes the rock is there… #TheBuhariWeKnow.”


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