Do you know that 75 million cows slaughtered for consumption end up wasting every year?

You are wondering how this is possible, well a new report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation made this disclosure.

The UN agency, in a report entitled “Preventing Nutrient Loss and Waste Across the Food System: Policy Actions for High-quality Diets” in New York also stated that regular eating of poor-quality food had become a greater public health threat than malaria, tuberculosis or measles.

According to the report, more than half of globally-produced fruits and vegetables are lost or wasted each year.

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It added that “moreover, around 25 per cent of all meat produced, equivalent to 75 million cows, goes uneaten.”

With the value of global food lost or wasted annually, estimated to be around 1 trillion dollars, the report said cutting down on waste would yield major economic benefits.

Additionally, eating more of the food already produced, would avoid wasting the water, land and energy that went into its production, FAO said.

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