Yemi Alade has enjoyed a resurgence in her music career, after releasing the video for her beautiful love song, "Oh My Gosh".

She joins former Kennis Music artiste, Joe El in an energetic video for their new feel-good anthem, "Celebrate".

Released last month, the song encourages everyone to dance, clap, cut cake, and just celebrate life in all its glory.

The song is reminiscent of Shakira's infectious South African World Cup hit song, "Waka Waka".

Yemi Alade’s beautiful voice forms a perfect union with Joe El's breezy vocal, set sail on a musical journey on the Hak Samadhi-produced beat, to give music fans a great song.

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"Celebrate" is a bright and energetic song that also has a bright and energetic Paul Gambit-directed video to accompany it.

The visuals celebrate black culture through carnival like costumes, live bands and a lot of dancing.

Watch the video for "Celebrate" below:

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