When a dog bites a man, it is not really strange, but when man bites a dog, it becomes really weird. 

A blonde woman, whose name is not yet known, has just made the headlines as she was filmed biting her dog in the Toronto subway on Friday 7 August.

The woman can be seen screaming “stop it right now” at her helpless little dog and then starts hitting and biting the dog while he squeals out in pain.

The terrified dog then tries to walk away from her but she tugs at his leash so hard that the frightened little dog cries out once again.

But it doesn’t take too long before an alarmed passenger walks up to the woman and demands she “stop hitting the dog”.

Train passengers quickly tell a transit worker about the incident and the woman is escorted off the train by three subway staff.

According to Global News, the Toronto police released the woman with just a warning after they couldn’t find any noticeable injuries on the pup.

See video below