While Nigeria is still using the colonial narrow gauge of 1898 as its rail system, China is already testing its sky rail system.

We are worlds apart.

It is China's fasted sky train that can travel with a maximum speed of 70 km/h. It does not encounter any traffic so the users can get to their destinations on schedule.

China sky train

It can carry 510 passengers in 3 to 5 carriages per time.

The testing began over the weekend according to China Global Television Network and it is already breaking records.

Engineers say it can perform nearly three times better than regular subway trains.

china sky train interior.

china sky train interior

The interior of the sky train

This is what you get in Nigeria. A narrow gauge train system built by colonial masters, with a train that cannot serve the population.

train in nigeria.

The narrow gauge trains in Nigeria is a wide contrast of what modern electric trains look like

Watch how the video travels.