It's official - TBoss cannot dance to save her life.

During her stay in the Big Brother Naija house, she was accused of not dancing during their Saturday night parties because she was ‘forming’.

The model and actress has now shared throwback videos on Instagram of when a friend was teaching her how to dance before she entered the Big Brother House.

According to her, she even paid people to teach her how to dance before she entered the reality show, but it was all of no use.

TBoss, whose real name is Tokunbo Idowu, has resigned to her fate.

“I have accepted myself like so & feel no pressure to be otherwise,the right people love me either ways & d rest, well The rest don’t matter. That doesn’t mean I do not enjoy music- I love music but my body doesn’t respond to it by shaking or moving, I respond to music in other ways. Who can guess???” she wrote on her Instagram.

Alright TBoss, we hear you.