One of the interesting facts about owning an email address is you might have been contacted by a fraudster posing as a Nigerian prince, promising wealth in return for a "small favour".

Over a year ago, Nigerian filmmaker, Faraday Okoro won a million dollars to make the film, 'Nigerian Prince', which will bring the legendary email scams to movie theaters.

Well, after premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, we finally have a trailer for the highly anticipated drama.

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'Nigerian Prince' follows Eze, a young Nigerian-American boy who is sent back home to Nigeria as punishment.

Upon getting here, his desperate attempts to leave find him teaming up with a scammer, Pius, to cheat unsuspecting foreigners of their money, for him to raise money to get home.

The movie is executive produced by legendary American film maker, Spike Lee, and stars familiar Nollywood faces like Tina Mba and Bimbo Manuel.

Given that it was shot in Lagos and has Nollywood actors, it’s a bit disappointing that Pius' accent does not sound like he is from Nigeria.

That aside, the movie will be available on demand from October 19.

Watch the trailer below:

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