Since the messy P-Square split, Paul Okoye (aka Rudeboy) has been on a roll.

He has dropped a number of impressive songs, and his latest single, "Reality" is a testimony to this.

Produced by Lord Sky, the mid-tempo "Reality" finds Rudeboy singing about being stuck in a toxic relationship.

It is a track for the hardcore P-Square fans, as it sounds like one of the popular songs released by the duo in the past.

Throughout the song, Rudeboy follows a familiar theme in many Nigerian songs.

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He complains about the love of his life cheating on him with wealthier men, because he does not have money.

"She gets a lot of sugar daddies/Them plenty" he sings.

The accompanying music video follows the on-again, off-again relationship between Paul and his lover.

The story starts with the couple looking happy together, then things fall apart as Paul finds out that she's been unfaithful.

Watch the video for "Reality" below:

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