Wonders they shall never end.

When you think you have seen or heard it all, they keep raising the bar.

40-year-old 'bishop' Timothy Wanyioke and his lover, Scholar Kariuki were caught having sex by the latter's husband Kariuki Macharia in Nyeri Town, Kenya on Wednesday.

After finding the two in his one-bedroom house, Macharia descended on Wanyoike with kicks and blows, saying the two had been having the illicit affair for the last four years.

He said he had been monitoring his wife’s text messages and decided to lay a trap by pretending he was away on a field assignment.

Residents trooped to the estate and followed the drama which included the pastor’s attempt to defend himself.

Wanyoike’s wife, Margaret, also joined the scuffle and started beating him in anger. 

See video below: