With ''Wives On Strike'' 1 & 2, Omoni Oboli tackled serious issues with some humor.

Her latest film, ''Wings Of A Dove'', takes a more serious and full-on approach to issues that a lot of young women face in Nigeria.

''Wings Of A Dove'' is an emotionally charged story of two Northern girls who were married off to much older men at a really young age.

A more enlightened woman (Omoni Oboli) comes to try and educate them from their societal constraints, and they face obstacles which make their fight for freedom more difficult.

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The film touches themes like loss of childhood innocence, the horrors of female genital mutilation, child brides, and the hopes and dreams of a future that is stolen from young women just because they were born female.

There has been no official release date set.

Watch the trailer below:

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