Chimamanda Adichie’s ‘Americanah’ has gone ‘viral’ in New York.

The novel has won the “One Book, One New York” campaign by the Mayor’s Office of Media, Entertainment and BuzzFeed.

The office said on Monday that New Yorkers cast their ballots for the book throughout February saying they want millions of residents to read it simultaneously.

50,000 people voted for the the book which tells the story of a Nigerian couple who left military-ruled Nigeria for America.

It stated that the voting was done both online and at an interactive digital kiosks on subway platforms.

Ifemelu, the protagonist, headed for America, where her life as an immigrant changed her perspective on race and identity.

Before being reunited in their homeland, Ifemelu was forced to confront new issues of race and class in the United States, and her lover, Obinze, who was blocked from joining her due to post- 9/11 travel restrictions, struggled for dignity as an undocumented immigrant in London.

Published in 2013, Ngozi-Adichie’s novel won a National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction and was named one of The New York Times “Ten Best Books of the Year.”