They are brothers in real life and in music.

Although MI has managed to stay relevant, Jesse Jagz has been under the radar. How the siblings reunited on DJ Neptune's "Blood & Fire" last year, and the 2019 song gets a fierce video.

The song which is on 'Greatness', DJ Neptune’s fantastic debut album, sees Jesse Jagz take the chorus and the first verse, while M.I delivers a solid second verse.


On the song, M.I describes how Neptune brought the brothers together to shake up the industry. Whilst this track didn't achieve that at all, M.I did pull his weight, reminding us why he's stayed relevant through the years.

Directed by Lucas Reid, the accompanying music video for "Blood & Fire" is refreshing as the musician’s rap from the streets, in a studio and in a barber shop.

Watch the video for "Blood & Fire" below:

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