My Generator Runs On Water

Chuwkwuemeka Nelson, 23, didn't set out to create a commercial product or attain national recognition.

His goal was to invent a generator that would not pollute the environment. 8 years after he started experimenting, he did it!

His most recent invention generates about 610 watts which he claims can power his television set and a few house bulbs.

Emeka says he is motivated by memories of his childhood friend who was killed by fumes from a generator while sleeping at night.

He remembers the time they spent together discussing their plans to change the world by making significant impact.

"He died because of fume from all these I pass my neighbour (a type of generator). Since then I believed I can get this thing done.

"Even though I was a kid, I knew I could do something about it. We were very close and it is still painful till now."

Emeka Nelson

Emeka, the fifth child in a family of 7, spent his childhood with his relatives because his parents could not afford to pay his school fees.

He is now a student of Instrumentation and Control System Engineering at the National Metallurgical Training Institute - Onitsha, Anambra state.

Emeka says he sources for materials locally and waits on family and friends for financial support to sustain his invention.

"I can go to a mechanic's workshop and pick up the scraps that they will no longer use. Then there are some people that support me from their own pockets. There is also one company in Lagos that we have worked with before. The state government (Anambra) knows about my project but I haven't heard from them."