Twin brothers, who allegedly scammed singer Harrysong by pretending to be a single mother to win a giveaway on his page, have been caught.

Sharing a video of himself and the boys, Harrysong advised them to desist from fraud because there is dignity in labour.

“I keep telling young people: you don’t need to steal or defraud people to be successful in life, just be a bit patient and trust in your journey.

"I did a giveaway for journey story on this page and these boys used a fake page & pretended to be a single mother with a baby, my manager found out it was a scam & we got them eventually after the money had been transferred to them.

"Please shun fraud & don’t use your bad attitude to block other people’s opportunities, there’s dignity in labour. There’s the risk in fraud if I was a bad person I for do them strong thing.” Harrysong wrote on Instagram.

See the video below: