For three years, workers in Edo Line, a popular transport company owned by the Edo State government, have earned their salaries but no bus was on the road.

On Tuesday Governor Godwin Obaseki visited the company.

After a tour of the facility, with over 180 staff, the Governor shut down the company and moved all staff to the Ministry of Transport.  

The last time they worked was in 2014 and since then the over 40 vehicles at the park are wasting away without tyres or batteries, according to officials.

After getting further information from the head of the transport company, Governor Obaseki, who was sad that they were getting paid without work, announced to the workers that they would be moved to the Ministry of Transport.

Addressing the gathering, the Governor pointed out that the company has a huge debt burden.

"We will try and pay back all the debts in this business. You can see the waste we have here. We will not continue with Edo Line this way. We have to restructure it.

"Almost 1.5 billion Naira debt that is what Edo Line is owning and without paying that debt this company cannot go on," he stressed.