Most times in Nigeria making a video of police officials on duty is like jumping into the lion’s den.

Sandra Chidi-Ebele shares her bitter experience.

Knowing their actions are rights abuse, crude police officials will jump at anyone that makes a video of any situation they are involved in, but Nigerians have to end cases of rights violation.

Sandra shared a video of some persons in police uniform whom she claimed harassed her because they thought she was making a video of the ugly situation at  a police checkpoint.

Sandra published the video on her Instagram page.

A few police officials with guns were seen in the video and they were debating whether she will get her phone back or not.

Passengers in defence of Sandra's action stood up to the police officials, insisting that she should be given her phone.

When a Bounce News correspondent contacted her, she gave further insight into what had happened.  

She wrote: “I was in a company motor (Muyi line) and got to the 3rd check point from Abraka (military check points included). We stopped as usual then one of d police guys asked about a student’s fridge which the guy answered that he had no receipt for.


“The driver drove off and the next thing they chased after us with their Hilux and wen the driver realised that we were being chased after, he did not want to stop in a bushy area.

"They chased us into town - Sapele (it was God who saved us from an accident) and they blocked us, shot into the air, dragged the driver down and started slapping him.

"They asked us to come down which we all did. At this point, the fridge issue died.

"They sprayed teargas on the driver. Suddenly from nowhere an ‘animal’ amongst them hit my phone down, slapped me and seized my phone saying he caught me making a video and they gathered me and asked me to unlock my phone (my private property) which I resisted doing. I tried to call my aunt. I even used her name to ask for my phone and the same officer said that God would punish my mother and I.

"Eventually, they forced me to open my phone and found nothing. No video.

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"Then, that particular officer disappeared and they gave me back my phone and asked us to leave.

"One of them alone said sorry.

“We got back into the bus to proceed on our journey, only for me to realise that 1 of d passengers made a video which we shared amongst ourselves and I uploaded mine.

“I will find that guy and at least slap him back.

“He won't last in that office.

“Oh my Late fathers spirit would strike him”.