Dare Olaitan's AMVCA-nominated debut film, Ojukokoro was one of 2017 biggest films that year.

Now, the exciting young filmmaker has announced his follow-up film, Knock Out Blessing, complete with an engaging trailer.

Considering just how loved Ojukokoro was, Knock Out Blessing has a target to surpass.

The film tells an intriguing tale about three girls, whose struggle for success takes them down a path that leads into the criminal side of the political underworld.

Speaking about the film, Olaitan said: "Imagine 'Ojukokoro' but 10 times bigger and better. I just hope no politicians come looking for me."

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It includes stars like Linda Ejiofo and Ade Laoye, and movie fans would be looking forward to a release date.

Check out the trailer here

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