It's just before Christmas and everyone is in a festive mood, including politicians.

Senator Dino Melaye might just be using the opportunity to not only bring the merriment associated with the season, but also show off his youthful swag.

Some observers say he may have scored some political points by appearing in a music video featuring fast cars and dollar bills which appeal to millennials.

With “LEGEND” written on his T-shirt, Dino Melaye, the senator for Kogi West, appeared in a music video by Kach titled 'Dino'.

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“Balling every day like Ronaldinho. Money spending no aristo. Dino, Dino, Dino Melaye,” sings Kach, while talking on a mystical phone (stack of cash).

Melaye is the author of 'Antidotes for Corruption', a book like the title insinuates tries to help the reader understand what has been considered, as the biggest problem of the President Buhari regime.

Kach, whose real  name is Uche Kachikwu, is the son of the present Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu.

How does showing off so much wealth, help fight the act Dino Melaye claims to detest the most?

Watch music video below