Controversial Nigerian senator, Dino Melaye is back with another controversial video targeted at his bitter foe, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State.

Melaye, representing Kogi West, in the video revealed that in a recent dream he saw Governor Bello in a well decorated embroidered prison uniform.

This comes after Gov. Bello reportedly threatened that many members of the National Assembly will not return in 2019.

Dino, in the video, wondered why a sane Governor will say such.

He said, ”I begin to ask myself why will any intellectually mobile character, sound and sane, speak like that.

”And if anyone wants to talk like that, it’s not a man that has committed electoral fraud, who is awaiting trial and obviously will soon go to prison.”

”And I had a dream recently where I saw Yahya Bello’s prison uniform specially decorated with embroidery, so I’ll be shocked that Yahya is already threatening people not to come back because he’s not a voter in Kogi State."

He blamed Governor Bello for trying to frame him and then broke into several songs, in a mix of English and Yoruba, demeaning the governor.