Charly Boy’s daughter was afraid, but now she wants the whole world to know that she is a lesbian.

Dewy Oputa, also disclosed that she was creating an Instagram couple’s page with her girlfriend.

Charly Boy’s daughter had already been showing signs that she was ‘coming out of the closet’, after she attended the Atlanta Gay pride in the United States, and attached the LGBT logo to her profile and name.

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Now she has finally revealed her lesbian partner, whom she simply calls SJ, on Instagram.

Try again

She wrote: "I was kind of nervous about this but fuckkkkkkkkk ittttttttttt! …….Clears throat sooooooooooooo.

"I and my Girlfriend decided to create a couples page because why not ??‍?? go follow”.

Nigeria has a law that prohibits the practice and has a 14 years jail term for anyone found guilty.

See picture and video of the ‘great reveal’ below:


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