It's clear that Brymo has a thing for creating captivating visuals.

Earlier this year, Brymo released his sixth studio album, Oso, accompanied by a video for one of its standout songs, "Hey Ya".

Now, he has brought the same zest and energy he brought in the 'He Ya' video to the video for "Let Us Be Great".

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Brymo's musical style is always very soft and meaningful, and "Let Us Be Great" follows this line.

The song tells a tale of the disparity between the old and the youth; of the haves and the have-nots.

The video, which uses one long aerial shot, focuses on acclaimed choreographer and dancer, Qudus Onikeku.

Try again

As the video progresses, the camera pans outwards to show the bigger picture, and Qudus becomes smaller and smaller — depicting the uneasiness Brymo sings about.

Watch the video below:

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