In a new video uploaded to YouTube, Al-Barnawi accused the Shekau faction of going against the objectives of the sect.

He said Boko Haram was created by Muhammad Yusuf for the purpose of propagating good teachings and practice of Islam but has now become an avenue for perpetrating all forms of criminality.

According to him, Shekau violates the “quotes of the Holy Qur’an” by killing and attacking innocent Muslims.

He said: “Muhammad Yusuf and the rest of the Mujahiddeen (Commanders), have sacrificed their lives leaving people like Shakau who violate quotes of the Holy Qur’an and refused to take advice or other people's opinions”.

“How can you succeed against the Nigerian government (infidel), when you indiscriminately attack innocent people, ordinary Muslims without sufficient grounding? How can you succeed when you kill orphans?

“Apart from the wanton killing and destruction of human lives, Abubakar Shakau also sees anyone who doesn’t agree with his ideology as Kufur which literary means an act of infidelity.”

Al-Barnawi, son of Boko Haram founder, Yusuf, was a year ago named the new leader of the terrorist sect, by the Islamic State (IS).

See video below: