It was Marvis' birthday, and Uriel just wanted to have fun at her fellow former Big Brother Naija housemate's pool party.

But online trolls would not let her be.

After sharing photos of her look to Mavis’ party on social media, she was surprised when some fans said she was too fat and had sagging breasts

She got comments like “your boobs are saggy”, “you are too big”, “this one na fallen empire o”, “Olympus has fallen” and “this one breast don become flat tire o…”

The trolls, however, had another thing coming as Uriel took it all in stride and returned some of the jabs.

Taking to her Instagram page, Uriel gave the trolls a piece of her mind, basically saying that she loved her body and did not care what anyone thought about her.

"Women don't stand for rubbish, you are our mothers our sisters our source of life almost 2 months till 2018 stand up and move mountains love yourself pls. I'm not perfect … are you ?

"Bk from a photoshoot and this happens …You can never Body shame me.. im a Natural woman.. We are mothers sisters we should never be made to feel like crap. We are Queens.. i might try this acting thing sha #bignose #boobs#positive vibes" she wrote  on Instagram.

Watch video below