Its 102 days since the president left Nigeria seeking medical attention in the United Kingdom.

Several prominent Nigerians have spend very scare public funds shuffling between London and Abuja to get a glimpse of the "recovering" Commander-In-Chief. 

However, former militant leader, Asari Dokubo, had a lot to say on Friday about the president's aliment and how information is being handled by the administration.

He said, “As God first of afflicted Pharaoh with the deafness of the ear and deafness of the heart, God also first of all, afflicted Buhari with deafness of the ear.

”He was not sick, later they said he has an ear infection like Pharoah. Allah inflicted him with ear problem.

”We are talking of ear problem and we heard of another sickness and the name of that sickness is hale and hearty. Have you heard of such sickness before, hale and hearty?

”He ran to London, stayed and stayed and he came back. Went back again, stayed and stayed, hale and hearty. Now they said his sickness is an ‘unknown sickness’ and that is the name of another sickness. They sick all the doctors have diagnose him, he has gone through all the medical tests and yet, they don’t know what he is suffering from.

”The hands of God is against the wicked. God does not sleep. He does not slumber. He sees everything. A man who killed over 1000 Shea Muslims because they disagreed with him. Men, women and children and we keep on fighting God because of this man.

”The power of God cannot be stopped by anyone who is supporting this calamity. Buhari is bloody.”

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