Harrysong has revealed why there might never be peace between himself and his former label mate, Kcee.

1. Harrysong insists he helped Kcee’s music career

Harrysong, in the song Arabanko, believes that Kcee should be grateful to him because before his arrival, there was the money and Kcee’s talent, but no big hits.

He summarized this when called Kcee an empty vessel in the song  “I cook food say make you come chop you use am against me, put me for cooking pot, empty gallon when I help fill water.”

2. Harrysong reveals Five Star Music’s alleged ‘alternative’ source of wealth

In his lyrics, “since Linda chop chinwe banana and politicians no come dey pay again”

Harrysong points out that Five Star Music’s alleged ‘other’ source of wealth is by pimping girls for politicians, before things went bad for them.

3.  Harrysong accuses  Five Star of trying to assassinate him

“Dem send hired killers to come finish me But Jehovah say my pikin no go die” he sang, declaring  that Five star had sent assassins to kill him, but he did not die.

He also showed that he was ready for war, when he pulled a gun in the video.

4. Harrysong Claims That Kcee and Five Star Music Are Jealous Of Him

Harrysong sang that Five Star was now jealous of his new found richer partner and birth of his twins. “I born twins, dem jealous me… I get another sponsor, dem jealous me oh.” He said.

5. He may be saving dirt on Kcee for later

He prophesied that his label Alter Plate was the new king of the music industry, and added that there were things he would have said, but kept them to himself.

He claimed in the song that he opened up, because he was pushed to the wall.

“Everywhere I go grace dey follow me…Alter Plate everybody celebrate…Insult upon insolence I don see…I been no wan talk, dem dey fire me.” He sang.