Yes! You may lose the traffic to your social network's timeline, pages and groups in two years except you do something. 

Technology is driving how humans do things and no sector has been left out. 

In Nigeria, teeming youths who have not been able to secure a job have managed to create jobs for themselves online on social networks, offering goods and services. 

'Their market is selling.' But two years from now, things will change drastically and there will be a total shift.

This coming tsunami has started and it requires a drastic change in the way posts on these social networks are made.

Content has been identified as the driving force for online marketing, but we know that distribution is key for product sales to tip.

A few things are changing and leaving one in awe of whether Nigeria's small business holders online are ready. 

There is a growing consumption of video contents online and YouTube highlighted this in a training it conducted for small business holders in Lagos. 

By 2021, video will constitute 82% of what people spend data on online and this means a lot for any business person who wants to still make sales. 

Take a good look at different pages on Instagram and other social platforms and you will see that majority of them, especially those in Nigeria are relying heavily on texts and images for their contents.

This, trend in coming years will mean that posts with images and texts will not get as much push from social networks as they are getting now, since video is taking over. 

Anyone that wants to benefit from this period must think beyond now and begin to look at creating video contents.

Promotion of ideas, products and services, must be done with videos, but the question is: How many could produce videos as contents? 

This is real and if you think if is not true, consider how much reading habit had nosedived and you will be convinced that something is taking people's attention away from texts and pictures. This is the reason video streaming platforms are getting all the eyeballs now. 

YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google and these are pointers to this reality that is coming ahead of us.

These are challenges ahead, yet there are solutions provided by people who have seen this future coming. 

First is the cost of producing videos. Small business holders may not be able to foot the cost of producing video contents daily.

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Since every one will need at least 4 posts per day on most social networks to make significant impact that will translate into increase in followership and consumption of content, handling the cost will be huge. 

Cost of data may also need to come down further in Nigeria for everyone to be able to afford publishing of video contents that will meet the demand online. 

The third and the most important is that people will have to put to better use, their mobile phones. 

The capacity of mobiles phones has been underutilised in Nigeria for years now and this is the time to begin to learn how to produce video contents for your business in form of stories. 

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