Be warned! Scammers are everywhere and you are their target. 

They could either scam you or use you to grow their pages. 

People are doing all sought to make money and the presidency wants you to know one of their pranks.

The spokesman for President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi Adesina,  said on Wednesday that someone is parading himself as the son of the President, Yusuf Buhari on Instagram.

If you use Instagram, watch out for an individual with the handle @ymbuhari. 

Mr Adesina said the account is one of the most recent the presidency had noticed on social networks. 

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He says the account has attracted thousands of followers, and which has been used to express opinions in Yusuf's name without his knowledge.

But when Bounce News checked the account, it had just 10 followers without any post. 

"This is to inform the general public that Yusuf Muhammadu Buhari is not on any social media platform.

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"The public is therefore, advised to disregard such handles and pages, while those perpetrating the illegality are advised to stop forthwith, as it amounts to impersonation.

"The same advice goes to those running other pages and handles impersonating other members of the family of the President," Mr Adesina wrote. 

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