It is natural to feel fatigue after a tedious job or exercise.

When that happens, one should obey the call of nature and rest or sleep. By so doing, vitality is restored.

Simple sequence, isn’t it? Life is supposed to be that simple but we make things complicated with unhealthy habits.

A lecturer of Human Kinetics and Health Education at the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Dr Salomi Mathew, identifies one of those unhealthy habits to be consumption of energy drinks.

While warning youths against indulging in the act, he said that the intake of energy drinks is detrimental to one’s well-being.

“Taking energy drinks to stimulate you to continue to be active instead of resting, relaxing or sleeping is detrimental to one’s general well-being as this takes its toll on the brain and heart,” Mathew said.

He reiterated the need for a rest, adding that it is a natural source of restoring lost energy hence, taking energy drinks was wrong as it affects the body physiology.

“This can cause systolic and diastolic blood pressure and this can be detrimental to the heart. It can make the heart collapse,” he said. ‎