You can no longer erect billboards or paste posters anyhow in Oyo state and getting used to this quickly will save you a lot of trouble.

The Director-General of the Oyo State Signage and Advertisement Agency (OYSAA), Yinka Adepoju says the act will no longer be tolerated.

In a warning on Sunday in Ibadan, Adepoju warned that any one of such signages removed would be confiscated.

“We observed that posters are being pasted indiscriminately on fence walls, highway roundabouts, public buildings, monuments and land marks. These banners and billboards are not well positioned.

“Some of the banners are torn, dilapidated and unfortunately did not receive OYSAA’s approval before they are installed,” he said.

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The biggest culprits, according to him are politicians and commercial advertisers.

Moving forward, political aspirants and their agents must register their interests and intentions with OYSAA at the state secretariat before pasting campaign posters and displaying promotional banners and billboards.

Individuals, corporate bodies, religious organisations, schools, petrol stations, outdoor advertising practitioners and other users of outdoor media need to also pay up their outstanding rates.

“Advertisement tax is a civic responsibility that must be fulfilled by all to enable government plan adequately for its citizens and carry out other infrastructure development,” he said.

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